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Hi all, with all the social distancing and general recommendations to stay home I've had a little free time to sort through some things I've made that interact with Lightspeed Retail.

First off is a Java library(ish) that can be used to access the retail api. It's no where near complete, a bit out of date, and it might not work right out of the box. But, it might be helpful to someone, and I may put some work into making it better. It can be accessed here: Feel free to do whatever with it, clone, borrow, contribute to, etc. If it does get used, a heads up would be cool!

Next up is a similar set of code in python. It to isn't very good, but it was useful to me for prototyping. Maybe it will help someone.

I've also got a couple other projects/possible services that might be of use to someone. These projects are not public.

  • App that synchronizes Retail Work order information with Google Calendar
  • App that integrations Retail data with Zoho Creator
  • Various data import/exports tools that are flexible enough to synchronize data between a variety of platforms or generate all kinds of reports.

Feel free to DM if with any questions!

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