Use of product.fulltitle vs Full Title field for eCom product.

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When editing a product in eCom, there are two 'title' fields, Title and Full Title

Is there a way to print the 'Full Title' field in the template? It looks like product.fulltitle just combines the Brand and the 'Title' field.

If I were to have a product with the following attributes:

Brand: ABC ---- Title: Sample Prod Blk Med ---- Full Title: Sample Product Black Medium

 {{ product.fulltitle }}  will give me "ABC Sample Prod Blk Med"

 {{ product.title }} will give me "Sample Prod Blk Med"

How to I print the 'full title' without brand : "Sample Product Black Medium"

On the individual 'product.rain' page, the H1 field writes exactly what I'm looking for. Using the same syntax on the 'products.rain' page, it gives me the value that I'm not looking for "Brand + title" (rather than just the "Full Title" field's contents for that product).

Sorry if any of that is confusing.


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