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We have a retail store, and we are trying to find the best way to create a Sale Category on our menu. Right now we have set up a CTA Block, taking you to every product that is tagged 'sale'. That's easy to set up, especially using the import tool. There are two issues with this option. First, when looking at the products, we can only filter by brand, and not category or sub category. So we end up with a smorgasbord of snowboard gear, ladies wear, shoes, etc. With over 10 pages of sale product and counting, it makes it difficult to shop.

The second issue, is when you click on the CTA, it has a title on the top of the page that says, "Products tagged with sale" I think this looks unprofessional.

The second option that we found, is to create a new subcategory withing our existing parent categories. For example, under the category Mens Apparel, we would have a subcategory 'Sale'. This looks good, but the trouble is finding all of your sale product to add to it. As far as I can tell, you can't add products to two different subcategories with an import, only when editing a product within eCom. ie, Mens Apparel-Bottoms-Shorts & Mens Apparel-Sale.

I know you can add products to a second subcategory within 'Products', this works OK, you can click as many products as you like, then add them all at once. Unfortunately you cannot filter by category or tag. So trying to find all of your sale shoes is tough.

I'm wondering if other shops that are not on an advanced plan have found a better solution? If so, please let me know.



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    I do the same thing you do - manually create a "Special Deals" category and manually add and subtract items to it. I haven't looked at automating it yet, so likely will run in to the same issues you are.

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