Inventory Transfer TransferItems ENDPOINT response does not match documentation

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I am trying to GET a list of all items on a specific transfer follwoing this documentation.

Here is my URL{127182}/Inventory/Transfer/{616}/TransferItems.json

Here is my response {"@attributes":{"count":"1"},"Account":{"accountID":"127182","name":"The Point Skate Shop ","link":{"@attributes":{"href":"\/API\/Account\/127182"}}}}

Why is the response account details instead of TransferItem details? Is this a bug? Am I missing something in my URL?

Alternatively, I tried this URL["TransferItems"]&transferID=616

And got a 400 Bad Request {"httpCode":"400","httpMessage":"Bad Request","message":"Tried to load a relation that is not allowed:TransferItems","errorClass":"InvalidQueryException"}

Any guidence would be greatly appreciated!

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