Why does an order take hours to show up in ShipStation?

toonamiketoonamike Member Posts: 3

We have integrated ShipStation into eCom. Orders from eCom are taking over an hour to show up on ShipStation.

I chatted with Lightspeed support, but they suggested ShipStation is to blame. Of course, ShipStation is experiencing "higher demand than normal" due to COVID-19.

Lightspeed is not listed as a platform in ShipStation's integration guide.

Anyone else out there have this experience integrating ShipStation?


  • ChunksChunks Member Posts: 2

    I'm also experiencing significant delays, but I'm still trying to even set it up properly. My Shipstation labels won't print out of Lightspeed.

    Placed a handful of test orders... in the past 3 days, some have shown up within a few minutes, others two hours plus.

    (Lightspeed at first said it was a Shipstation issue, but then said it was a known issue with Lightspeed). Not sure.

  • toonamiketoonamike Member Posts: 3

    I did make some progress. The best practice is to use ShipStation to print the labels. I spoke with ShipStation. It turns out that there is a manual refresh button that will synch with eCom. Look along the top toolbar when you are logged into ShipStation. Click that, and it will update orders. Then, reload the grid on the ShipStation order page.

    It has worked every time.

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