Many access tokens from one refresh token?

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will it be possible to have multiple access tokens from one refresh token? Am planning to use multiple logins that belong to one merchant use the same refresh token to create their access token.



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    It will not be possible to have more than one access token for one account. Each time a refresh token is used, the previous access token is expired. Also, access tokens will expire every 10 minutes.

    EDIT: The above statement is no longer valid. It is possible to have multiple access tokens for each refresh token, and access tokens expire after 60 minutes.

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    Is this still the expected behavior? Because it would cause problems for our integration, which includes multiple scripts requesting and using access tokens (and expecting them to be valid until the expiry time).

    However, in my testing with cURL, requesting a new access token (using the one refresh token) does not cause previously issued access tokens to be rejected.

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    Hi Justin,

    No, it isn't. Development later decided to allow multiple access tokens for one refresh token.

    Currently refresh tokens never expire, and there's no limit to how many access tokens you can generate from one refresh token.
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