Put mobile number next to the order number on order dashboard.

TwibbergTwibberg Member Posts: 6

We started using Ecom so we could do curbside pickup. When a customer sends a text to tell us what spot they are in and forgets to put the order number, you have to open up all open orders to match up the mobile phone number. Very time consuming and it seems like an easy fix if they inserted that as a field on the order dashboard.

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  • brettlangbrettlang Member Posts: 4

    Hey, my name is Brett from Ikeono and we just recently released our texting integration for Lightspeed eCom. Everything is integrated with Lightspeed and is synced between eCom and Retail. We also have the ability to text enable your business landline number. We prioritized this to help businesses right now manage things light click and collect, curbside pickup, and managing online orders. Let me know if you'd like to setup a quick demo call.


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