WooCommerce LS 502 Badgatway

actionTurtleactionTurtle Member Posts: 6

I keep getting a bad gateway when trying to load my products in to woo commerce...

It works for 37% then errors out to bad gateway...

So somehow your Cloudflare is blocking me... Please update and fix asap


  • actionTurtleactionTurtle Member Posts: 6

    No one ?

  • actionTurtleactionTurtle Member Posts: 6

    Yeah still getting this issue... none of you care... site was down today also...

    keep getting 502 bad gateway from your cloud flare account... freaking get this fixed guys!!!

    Answer your forum questions... this is freaking ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 991 moderator

    Hi @actionTurtle,

    Sorry for the late response, this was never our intention.

    Unfortunately, the WooCommerce app you use is not an official Lightspeed product. Therefore, I cannot see which calls are being made that could cause this. For this I ask you to contact the developer of the connection between WooCommerce and Lightspeed and ask which call is causing this problem, and what is the response. They should give you support on this one.

    I hope you'll understand.

    There is another community post about connecting WooCommerce with Lightspeed https://community.lightspeedhq.com/en/discussion/966/integrating-with-current-woocommerce-store

  • actionTurtleactionTurtle Member Posts: 6

    I have asked the developer and they said its your fault with a bad gateway thought cloud flare... I posted a pic of when I got a bad gateway yesterday when your site was down... Seems to happen a fair bit with your service... Probably cheap hosting and lazy code...

    Its your API!!! I am going to tell me clients to move off of light speed... your support is terrible... your product is terrible... You just pass the buck instead of looking into why your API is failing with cloud flare

    Every single other aspect of my site runs perfectly... And your products used to load... Its only in the past 4 weeks that this has happened...

    So yes you guys changed something and it broke the API connection for some domains... I have tried re-connecting it... I have tried setting it from a super admin... I have tried turning off the auto log out / pin...

    The only reason why my products would start to load and then get a 502 error is if your API is closing the connection... FIX IT!!!

    This has nothing to do with Wordpress or WooCommerce...


  • actionTurtleactionTurtle Member Posts: 6

    I just looked at the links your sent.. and WTF!!!!!

    I am convinced now that you a purposely closing the API to official woo commerce plugins to push these other integration plugins... 100 dollars a month min to get these???? FU

    I don't need to spend more money on this... I had not updated anything on the Wordpress or WooCommerce side when your products stopped loading... Its a 502 bad gateway...

    So its being locked out on purpose... So freaking lame you would do this your customers

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 991 moderator

    Hi @actionTurtle,

    Can you provide me an accountID?

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