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I am trying to figure out how to show products from all child categories in a parent category product listing page.

My categories are (for example):

-Men's (parent category)

--Jackets (child cat.)

--Pants (child cat.)

Right now if I make the Men's category a product listing page, no products show up until I select one of the two child categories when I'm browsing. How do I make it so that all products that are in "Jackets" and "Pants" also by default show in the "Men's" product listing. I know I can go in to the category and manually add in each product, but this would be off the table as I have over 15,000 SKUs in my POS backend and would be inconceivably time consuming. In the POS backend, you can do a product search by parent category and it will show all products of the child categories, so I hope there is a way to work this out in e-commerce.



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    Hello @gareth_e ,

    In your eCom back office, under Settings > Workflow > Webstore you will find a button named 'Maintain parent/child relationship when assigning categories to a product'.

    When this setting is disabled, the product created in the Retail POS will only be assigned to the last level of category in eCom. When this setting is enabled, the product created in the Retail POS will be assigned to each level of categories in eCom.

    This setting does not update products already created in the eCom back office. It will affect new products only.

    For more information you can click here.

    eCom Support

    Lightspeed HQ

  • gareth_egareth_e Member Posts: 36

    @JulienD Thank you for the info. Will this affect the mapping of products to categories in the backend POS?

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