Order obj vs Sale obj

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I have a question about the Order object call regarding shipping. we use the Sale and the order api call to pull information we need for another system. retail works fine but some e-com orders don't have the information we need. The Order obj has shipping information in it that we use for the e-com orders. The Order api call does not bring back all the orders. I am not sure if this is because they are not marked for shipped or what. we bring back the orders based on date, we use the same date variable in the sale and order call. The sale call brings back the expected orders the order call does not bring back all expected orders. Below is our api urls we are using in our c# code.


David Gang

sale url:

"https://"+ clientid + ":" + clientsecret + "@api.shoplightspeed.com/us/orders.json? created_at_min="+dateFromFormat+ "&created_at_max=" +dateToFormat ;

order url:

"https://api.merchantos.com/API/Account/" + accountid + "/Sale.json?timeStamp=><," + dateFrom.ToString() +"," + dateTo.ToString());


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