Displaying MSRP on Label instead of Price

Hello Community,

I am trying to program in a workaround that I need - I want to display the MSRP on my print label instead of the unit price for my products. I have the custom template loaded in the print templates section of lightspeed retail under ItemLabel, but I am struggling to figure out what to change to make this happen. I believe it is something in the section of code from lines 250-268.


        <h1>{{ Label.MetaData.title }}</h1>

        <div class="text-wrapper">

          {% if hide_price == false %}

            {% if Label.MetaData.price > 0 %}

              <div class="price">

                {% if price_with_no_cents == true %}

                  <p class="saleprice">

                    <sup class="currency">$</sup>{{ Label.MetaData.price|number_format(0, '', '')|raw }}


                {% else %}

                <p class="saleprice">{{ Label.MetaData.price|money|htmlparsemoney|raw }}</p>

                {% endif %}

                {% if Label.MetaData.msrp %}

                  <p class="msrp">MSRP {{ Label.MetaData.msrp|money }}</p>

                {% endif %}


            {% endif %}

          {% endif %}


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