Online orders not synced


We are Lightspeed orders and creating orders through the API.

Several orders are send, and we can see them in the API with status 'ACCEPTED'.

Some ar synced to the Liteserver and status changed to 'PROCESSED', but many remain accepted.

We are unable to detect why they are not synced.

Could you please provide assistance?

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  • Katherine_WelfordKatherine_Welford Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 77 moderator

    HI Pascal,

    To get assistance with this, it is best to call us at 866-932-1801 and let us know which account this is for so we can assist you.

    The Community is primarily for the sharing of ideas and innovating. More more pressing concerns it is always best to contact us directly. You can also email us at [email protected]

    We're standing by to assist.

    Lightspeed Restaurant tech support

    Lightspeed HQ

    Visit our Help Center

    Toll-free: 866-932-1801 | Montréal 514-907-1801

    Australia: +61-2-8488-3146 | United Kingdom +44-20-3695-9599

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