Build a report with purchase by matrix, customer email, not purchased in 90 days

I'm trying to build a report that encompasses a purchases within a bunch of matrices that span back a number of years. However, I don't want anyone who's purchased anything in the last 90 days to be included on the report. It looks like one of the reports can be built within the sales and inventory (email address, matrix selection) and one can be built under marketing (email address, days since last purchase). I want email address, matrix selection, days since last purchase. Is that possible?


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    Hey @runawayshoes_rad ,

    Currently those are two totally different available reporting types in Lightspeed Analytics. Generally if the dimensions you're looking for are in two different core-reports, they will never be available in the same reporting.

    You have the ability of creating each report individually:

    The Sales report:

    Step one: Filter on the customer email address and make sure it is not set to null and the matrices you want to focus on.

    Step two: Get rid of the Day filters

    Step three: Add this custom dimension and pivot on it:

    if((diff_days(${sales.time_stamp_date},now()))<90,"1) Fewer than 90 days","2) Older")

    Step four: Use the dimension of Customer email addresses

    Finally: Sort by the totals in the most recent range and it will look something like this:

    Customers with a null value in the most recent column did NOT purchase in the past 90 days.

    Hope this helps!


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