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We have images already assigned to products for our eCom side, but also needed the images for our retail side. I added the images to the retail side (knowing that they would be copied to the eCom side). Now, the eCom side has duplicates, as expected.

I added a specific string to the new filenames so that I could identify what was old and new. I dumped out an export from the ecom and removed those filenames from the eCom export's 'Images' column. Imported the new doc.

Images are still on the eCom side.

Does it take time for the images to be removed?



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    Looks like it will retain all images even if removed from the export and reimported. Sounds appropriate.

    So I went ahead and gathered API credentials and pulled all of the image ID's (with associated prod ID) and go to delete them using API.

    Find out my API key doesn't have permissions to delete????

    This should have been easy.

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    so for anyone else in the same predicament - images already exist in ecom, then one adds same images to retail, which are then duplicated on ecom, there is no way to programmatically remove.

    1) ecom API does not allow it on omnichannel

    2) import/export feature on ecom is useless for image removal. even if image URL is removed from 'images' column, ecom will still retain image (likely a problem if you already have a bunch and hit the limit of 12).

    3) LSPD staff do not have the ability to remove.


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    When we were setting up our eCom side of our store, the LS reps told me imports are always additive only, they cannot be used to remove data, only add or replace data.

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