Combine 2 physical stores with one ecom

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Hi All,

I'm a Lightspeed retail user for over a year now. I think there is a long way to go before the retail software fits all my needs, but its a start.
I have 2 shops. A new smaller one and a bigger "main" one. I use Lightspeed Retail in the smaller shop because I could start with a clean slate, no previous stock, no costumers etc. The big shop runs on some older branche dedicated software.
I'm running an online shop true Spree Commerce which for the moment is linked to the inventory of the "main" big shop. 
As Spree Commerce is out dated and very difficult to maintain I'm thinking about a switch to Lightspeed ecom.

As the Work Order module in Lightspeed Retail isn't good enough for what we need, I'm holding back on moving the big shop to Lightspeed Retail until I found a solution or a workaround for the work order module.   

It's important that the inventory of the webshop is linked to that of the big shop (inventory is 10x the one of the small shop and it has +30 brands). 

As far as I understand its impossible to add the inventory of 2 shops to 1 ecom (which is very strange for a solution stating that its the perfect omni-channel). when every thing is set up the way I want it to, I want costumers to be able to see in which shop an item is in stock, so in the end the ecom should be connected to the 2 shops.

But for now I have to make the choose to create a ecom connected to the small shop and work with some custom workaround to get the inventory of the big shop shown.
Or create a stand alone ecom? And just import stock from the big shop. And maybe when Lightspeed has all his affairs in order I can just move the standalone shop to the retail environment with the 2 shops attached? Or would it be impossible to attach the 2 shops to a running ecom after? 

Its probably a very unclear explanation... But I hope someone could help me pointing out the benefits of a stand alone ecom? Or what would be a problem when I have to move from a stand alone ecom to the connected omni-channel sollution with 2 shops?

Kind regads,


  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator
    Hi Jonas,
    It is correct that only one Retail location can be connected to a single eCom shop. There is a third party integration (By @AdVision) that allows for a multi store integration and automatically moving stock around.
    Lightspeed eCom can also be used standalone and stock can be imported using CSV or by utilizing the eCom API. However, I would not recommend using imports due to the amount of work involved and the possibility for mistakes. A custom integration could be possible to sync multiple Retail inventory with the eCom inventory but this involves connecting both (Retail and eCom) API's together. Also, a standalone shop can not (at this moment) be connected to a Retail location.
    We are working hard on integrating more aspects of both the Retail and eCom platforms together. Multishop would be a great feature but due to the amount of work involved it will not be available any time soon.
    Hope this clarifies the situation!
    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
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    Thanks for the comments! But as Lightspeed is promoting itself als the best Omnichannel solution, pointing us to third party options which cost a lot of money every time we need something is not really helping. Sure Advision has the solution, and it will be great, I worked with them before to customizing receipts (also something that should be standard in LS Retail but isn't). But if I have to contact them every time I need something? Why choose for Lightspeed Retail as a omnichannel?

  • MOSCMOSC Member Posts: 10

    I agree a native Lightspeed solution is needed for drawing inventory from multiple shops into eCom.

    We have tried using third parties in the past to accomplish this (Accumula with a Shopify storefront and Modern Retail's middleware on a WooCommerce storefront) and the product pushing throttling by LS basically crippled the process. (We are in outdoor retail and as a result have a massive number of products, variants, brands, and other data that severely challenge product pushing. I often have to call support to un-stick the sync and restart it manually.)

  • TheUltimateDeckShopTheUltimateDeckShop Member Posts: 29

    It's really unacceptable that multistore is not supported in ecom. The "best omnichannel solutions" message is why we chose Lightspeed. But slowly we learn that there are a lot of very obvious, basic functionalities missing.

    I wish the resources were spent tackling these issues instead of acquisitions in the news every few weeks.

  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 106 moderator

    Hello @TheUltimateDeckShop

    We understand the importance of this feature and our development team is currently working on it. We'll be rolling it out in 3 phases: 

    1) Fulfillment: Retailer can configure ranked-store fulfilment option per product/item.

    2) Quantity on hand (QOH): Display the QOH for each item in each location. 

    3) In-store Pickup: Shopper can arrange to pick up item(s) at a particular location. 

    Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.



  • teh_troutteh_trout Member Posts: 5

    Huge bummer to see we're in the dark on this. We have two stores close together with different overlapping sets of products. After pouring lots of work into eCOM data we now see we're let down again and can't sell all the inventory that we have in our Lightspeed system! I feel like I constantly hit these walls where I would have never expected given how LS was sold to us : (

  • DanielBrodskyDanielBrodsky Member Posts: 8

    @Heather thank you for some clarity on the roll out plan for this feature. It has been a few months, any update you can provide? I am desperately looking forward to this feature.

  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator

    The implementation of multi-store fulfillment will take some time as this is a big undertaking. However, showing the stock levels per location is something that we are currently working on and is progressing steadily.

    But as with any new feature we can not give any timeline due to the unforeseen bumps in the road.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • DanielBrodskyDanielBrodsky Member Posts: 8

    @Joey Thanks for the update, it is greatly appreciated! One follow up question. Is in - store pickup included in the scope of the current development? Or is that part of multi-store fulfillment that will take longer?

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    Hi there. I can't tell you HOW MUCH commerce was lost with my store in Savannah Georgia because of this specific feature LACKING!! PLEASE make this a priority so your customers have a chance of surviving! My entire inventory in my southern store was freaking UNTOUCHED for 1.5 months because we ramped up our ecom but couldn't touch it because we could only pull inventory from 1 bucket. SOOO STUPID! I can't throw enough insults your way to tell you how dumb of a concept that is that lightspeed lacks this simple concept of a feature.

    I went to a fellow toy store owners website and they have SHOPIFY. And their website told you which store you can buy from and how much inventory that location had. Why isn't this up yet?!!!! PLEASE MAKE THIS A PRIORITY! OR GIVE A DAMN TIMELINE so my wife and I can make a decision to possibly jump ship and have a fighting chance to save our business.

  • BrianTharpBrianTharp Member Posts: 6

    I couldn't agree more, I just went through the entire on boarding and got the full demo pitch on this, and specifically asked and was given the answer yes it can be done having multi store locations on e commerce. What was not mentioned it was done with a 3rd party app which costs about 3,500 bucks. So obviously this is HUGE and may cause me to punt and start over. I wouldn't be surprised if the delay in Lightspeed getting this huge feature going is because they have some kind of owner ship in this AdVision app where all this money is going to. I could not be more pleased with the in store product and yet the e com product is and its integration with their own in store solution regarding multi stores is terrible. Did I mention DO NOT MISLEAD PEOPLE.

  • flexjolyflexjoly Member Posts: 37

    Hi all,

    @BrianTharp I saw your other post in the developers-part of this forum and came across this discussion. I would like to step in!

    We are such a third-party... and we like solving difficult issues. We always try to charge a fair price.

    So if one of you need developers who think out-of-the-box, please contact us. Asking/contacting is free 😘.

    Greetz, Lydia

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    Shopify started rolling out this exact functionality around 2 years ago --> Lightspeed acquired their e-com platform over 4 years ago -->

    While Lightspeed started out as a POS-first platform, Shopify was the complete opposite. So it's natural to assume that Lightspeed Ecom will be a little behind the curve. And to be totally fair, there hasn't been a true omnichannel solution I've run across. That doesn't require third party apps, plug-ins, or development. Although between Lightspeed and Shopify, I'd have to say after exploring both that Shopify has better omnichannel functionality.

  • BrianTharpBrianTharp Member Posts: 6

    I am sure it does, but their POS system is terrible in my opinion.

  • HalvardHFHalvardHF Member Posts: 7

    Any updates regarding integration of multiple physical stores in one ecom store?

  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator

    Currently you can enable the option to display the QOH for all public Retail locations using the Lightspeed Themes. In Theme Settings -> Product Page you can enable the option to either show "in stock" message or the actual quantity. If your theme does not support this yet or you have the theme editor enabled, here are the implementation steps:

    This will only display the stock info.

    The possibility to actually sell the stock of other locations is currently being tested and a beta will be coming soon.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • HalvardHFHalvardHF Member Posts: 7


    Is it possible to sign up for the beta when it comes?

  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator

    Hi @HalvardHF, this is possible, can you send me a private message with your Retail Account ID (click help in the left bottom within Retail).

    If your shop is selected you will be contacted by the responsible team.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • JoelMcleodJoelMcleod Member Posts: 2

    @Joey Hi there, I was wondering if there was any update on the matter, as I too wish to create a new store which is a combination of 6 of my stores. I need to do so in order to make sure my inventory is accurate on my e-commerce store, since currently I can only connect it to one of my 6 stores. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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