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I've contacted my Lightspeed account manager as well as the API team, and I've been told to post my request here, since apparently you monitor the forum quite often.

Here is what I mentioned in the email exchange:

"Just to briefly explain what we do, we offer contactless payment solutions to businesses and currently we are integrated with LS to fetch inventory information. 

This week, my development team has been debugging our latency issues and our payment refusals, and after the investigation, they discovered that it was due to Lightspeed's API push limit.

My devs told me that basically your API is point-based, meaning that every push or update takes away points. They optimized the amount of pushes to the API, but we are still very limited by our current limit.

Right now, if 6 people try to pay at the same time in a store, the payments will be declined. Our devs told me that the best short term solution will be to bump the API push limit, so we can reduce the number of declined payments. 

Please let me know if there is a way to upgrade our limit as it will drastically help us develop a much more solid integration."

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.




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    Here are the listed API rate limits, along with an explanation of how the mechanism works --> https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/introduction/ratelimits/.

    For the integration projects I created, I usually hard-code the most pessimistic rate limits between my API calls. Since I find less surprises that way, compared to inspecting the response headers and dynamically adjusting things each pass.

    Long story short is that I believe for Lightspeed Retail's API, those limits come out to worst-case being able to make one API pull request every second. And being able to make one API push request every 10 seconds. Definitely affects performance and scalability, so you're preaching to the choir there 😀

    To give you an example, each night after hours I import 9,500 items with product tags, daily sales/refunds/returns/transfers, etc. into a local SQL DB via the API. This process takes about 4 hours for all of the pull requests. I know I could refine my code, look at implementing stricter deltas, etc. but the point is that this is one of the stingiest API rate limits I've dealt with for any API service provider. By far!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the detailed comment. Indeed, my development team let me know that this API rate limit is quite strict, with other POS' coming close. My team let me know that the documentation says to get in touch with sales in order to increase the limit, but when I contacted sales I was redirected here...

    I totally agree that a solution could be either a WebJob or an entirely separate back-end just to push and pull to/from the API, but that requires additional resources. By the way, 4 hours for almost 10k items is insane, at least it's not done manually :)

    Thank you again for the comment, I am glad to know I am not the only one. Have you tried contacting sales to increase the limit?


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    I haven't spoken with any of the sales team in years. I do know that for our initial data conversion to go-live with Lightspeed Retail they temporarily upped our API request throughput. Even then, it took the better part of 2 days or so to push all of our data into the system. They do have conversion engineers who can get things into the system quicker internally if we sent our data to them. Unfortunately they didn't work weekends so we didn't choose that route.

    Otherwise I think that during quieter periods after-hours the rate limits can dynamically increase a bit. Although which time zone after-hours is, I can only guess somewhere in a Canadian time zone?

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    Very interesting, thank you for sharing. We are in Montreal, so eastern standard time. I was told that it was a quick upgrade that might cost a little extra, but nothing serious. Now I am starting to think that it might not be that easy after all. Basically our issue, is that we use the API to fetch and push data for payments, so as a payment provider, it greatly limits the number of concurrent users our clients can have. That's why as a quick fix, upping the API limit would be great as we are working towards developing a more robust integration for the long term.

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    Hmmm...I wonder if your company became a formal Lightspeed partner then this constraint could be modified? Payment processing is definitely a more real-time scenario. Compared to a Lightspeed Retailer hitting the API for onesy-twosy operations.

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    Yeah, I contacted the partnership department, but so far no news. I'll reach out again next week to see how the progress is going. I assume they will have additional benefits for their partners, maybe even including the push limit increase.

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