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I'm wondering if anyone has had success getting canada post Integrated into their Ecom site? Also if it's possible to get Lightspeed to add Canada's largest courier into the integrations. All other ecoms offer this.

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  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 55 ✭

    I would also appreciate Canada Post integration

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    ShipStation integration works great with Canada Post and eCom


    I agree with a direct Canada post integration. You shouldn’t have to take extra steps here.

    I won’t lie, this is where I’m wanting to choose Shopify more for my system (still in trial mode). They connect directly and make it very easy. Canada post is a major company. I’m actually floored this isn’t automatically a direct choice in shipping!

  • gareth_egareth_e Member Posts: 33

    I'm not sure right now as we aren't currently making use of it, but earlier on last year we had it working using EasyPost. Easypost being the middle man between Lightspeed and Canada Post. It wasn't perfect but it did provide a more integrated system if you have all the weights and dimensions entered already I believe. It's in the app store on eCom backend, and unlike ship station, EasyPost is free (up to a certain amount of packages I believe) that said it's not quite as simple as Shipstation.

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