Lack of customization features in Ignite

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I recently installed Ignite and replaced Conform Plus as the theme of my store. While the new theme improves some features, the most glaring limit is the lack of customization options for the headline banner on the homepage. In particular, it seems to be pretty difficult to adjust the size of this element.

The theme seems to be designed according to a mobile-first approach, which is fine, but the desktop output is somewhat less than ideal. The banner is extremely big, and at the most common desktop resolutions it pushes all the other elements of the page below the fold, limiting the opportunities to highlight multiple CTAs at page opening.

Is there a way to resize the elements in the homepage via css, maintaining a general responsiveness of the element? I was able to identify the classes that allow to resize the height of the carousel, but I could only assign static values.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Lightspeed Community! Great question, the headline container should respond to the width of the uploaded asset; did you find uploading narrower banner images were not resulting in a decreased container height?

    If you would like to elaborate on the adjustments you're looking to make, we may be able to advise accordingly.


    Kristian C.

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    Hey @Kristian_C

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, the main issue seems to be that the container doesn't adapt to the height of the uploaded image.Instead, it fills the container up, cropping the sides.

    I would like to upload an image that's about 1/3 of the screen at the most common desktop resolutions. Ideally, on opening the home page would show: main header/navigation, carousel, and beginning of the following section (either promo banners or featured categories if banners are deactivated.)

    The same issue seems to affect the other banners available on the home page (promo banners, hero banner.)

    Re: the promo banners, they also don't seem to adapt to the height of the uploaded image. I would like to use one very narrow promo banner (if it were in fixed height it'd be ~150px) instead of two, and have it extend across the width of the home page underneath the carousel. However, this seem to be affected also by the fact that each banner is set to fill half the grid? (6 columns, if I interpret the code correctly.)

    Thank you!

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    Hi @Kristian_C

    Any updates regarding the possibility to change the size of the carousel, promo banners and hero banner, so that they are actually adaptive to the image and responsive to different resolutions?

    The problem with the navigation menu and the flyout menus that don't align with the highlighted item also persists.

    I wanted to point out another issue with the theme. In the product listing pages the pagination at the end of the page is somewhat counterintuitive and an example of not very good UX. The sequence of commands to navigate through the pages is currently set to "Prev - First - Last - Next" while it would more natural to display "First - Prev - Next - Last". Better yet, it could just autoload the following pages when reaching the bottom, or display the number of pages...

    Thank you for your help!

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    @Lightspeed Team @Lightspeed

    any updates on this?

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