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I recently switched from Onsite to Retail and am disappointed as to how many manufacturers' UPC codes are unusable in the Retail now. I have a couple thousand products and probably 20% of my products can't be scanned as they don't fit the criteria set out in the support documents. Yet, i don't have control over how the manufacturers set their UPC. This will most definitely increase the amount of manual entering of data during the sales process and contribute to inventory discrepancies. This is a big step backwards for Lightspeed. Retail is supposed to allow customers to work smarter not harder. Can someone please share some insight as to why this is so restrictive in Retail and if the gap can be closed somehow?


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    We have suppliers that create their own bar codes rather than pay for official bar codes.

    5 , 6 or 7 digits...... Unusable with this software.

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    Hey @sfusion ,

    You could use the Manufacturer SKU or the Custom SKU for these as they don't carry a limitation or minimum on how many numbers are in use.


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