Adding a customer type within Booxi integration

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Would it be possible to add a pre-defined customer type when new customers are added through the Booxi integration? We use customer types to track how our customers first reached out to us. I haven't seen that option in the Lightspeed integration menu within Booxi.

In that same train of thought, what are the limitations of that integration as far as adding customer info to a new or existing customer?


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    Hey @lev_cyclist

    The booxi integration won't allow the customer to be created and directly pushed into a specific customer group.

    I can feed-back to the team though. It's also important to know that even after you have added your customer to a group, if that group is associated to certain discount, it won't affect the sale.

    Would you want all your customers to be added into the same "new booxi customer list" or would it have to be different groups depending on the customer?


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    Hey @VanessaD - we’re currently booxi users but like the LS native booking integration you folks have developed. Currently it lacks some of the extra functionality of the third party stuff, but is feature enhancement on the roadmap for this, or is it going to stay at a basic level?

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    We did an initial import of our Booxi customers and added them all to the same "customer type" group. We'd like all the new customers that get added through Booxi to join that same group too.

    We're not planning to associate a discount to that group at the moment but could you explain why that wouldn't work? Or are you just talking about the Lightspeed discount not applying to the sale within Booxi?

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    Hello @lev_cyclist ,

    I'm Rosalie from booxi!

    To give you a little more insight on the customer integration between Lightspeed and booxi, unfortunately no, at the moment it won't be possible to have all your booxi customers added to a certain group, simply because the integration doesn't think that way.

    Customers will only be pushed from booxi to Lightspeed at the moment of the sale ("create a new Lightspeed sale"), and will only send through the information that booxi has, so name and email. As we don't have a notion of groups, it's impossible for us to send the data across. It could definitely be a feature request, which I've already shared.

    On a more generic note, customers will not be pushed from Lightspeed to booxi. It will only be synchronised that way when you click to import your customers from Lightspeed. Then it will create the new customers, and update the existing ones.

    From booxi to Lightspeed, the information goes through at the moment of the sale. If you decide the change the email of your customer in booxi, it won't push through to Lightspeed (as Lightspeed doesn't have webhooks, meaning that an action needs to happen for a change to be made). That's why we recommend not making changes in your customer database in booxi, and do it in Lightspeed instead.

    I understand the value of tracking where your customers are coming from, the best would be to check the customer at the moment of the sale in Lightspeed. Then would be the best time to update their profile.

    I hope this helps, please don't hesitate to reach out to us as well if you have questions about our functionalities.

    Thank you,


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