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User story 1: A brand new customer buys a Vespa scooter and wants to "black it out" with various black accessories that will replace the stock chrome accessories. This will include black mirrors, black racks, black plastic panels and trim pieces, etc. The Vespa shop offers these items as a kit (Assembly) for a set price.

User story 2: A return customer who has already done some customization on their Vespa scooter wants to add a few blacked out items that exist in the Assembly, but does not need the entire Assembly as it exists in Lightspeed. Instead, they want to buy individual parts from within that Assembly.

Current Assembly inventory type functionality requires the Lightspeed user to “Build” an Assembly out of existing inventory items/quantities. The problem is that building the Assembly removes the single inventory items from inventory and makes them appear “out of stock.” This may prompt a user to order/buy more of the individual items prematurely, before the built assemblies are sold. This becomes a larger issue in bigger businesses where Sales and Inventory staff may not always interact on a consistent basis. It also does not account for situations, like User Story 2, where individual items, that may exist in an Assembly, may also be sold individually.

Possible Solution: Allow an item to be created as an Assembly inventory type, but do not “build” the assembly until it is sold on a Sales Order or Work Order* as would be needed in User Story 1. This would allow the Assembly to exist under a fixed price, with a bill of materials rolled up beneath it, if sold that way, but does not remove the singular inventory items until the time of sale. Also, this would allow items in the Assembly to continue to be sold individually in the event that the customer does not want the full assembly.

*(Perhaps put a hold on those quantities if it is on the Sale/Work Order? Although this may not work with saving quotes for long periods of time.)

Caveats: Do not allow an assembly to be sold on a Sales or Work Order unless sufficient quantity of the individual inventory items exists at that time. If insufficient quantity exists, notify the user. User is then required to order more or write in more inventory manually.

2. Add a labor field to the assembly for instances where a specific amount of labor will be charged every time an assembly sells, as in the case of User Story 1.

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