layaway and inventory counts

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Currently in layaway the product still shows in inventory although it is committed to the customer that did the layaway. It does not come out of inventory until it is 100% paid. With the current system another associate could sell the item between the start of the inventory process and the final payment.

We have customers who commit to a sale that may take months before the item is needed. We sell outdoor kitchens. We need to have our inventory show what is available to sell not what is on hand at the time. We already physically mark the product as being on layaway but not having the automatic inventory adjustment makes both inventory incaauate but it makes reorder points and ordering more difficult.

There is currently not a fix for this but it is something that should be addressed. I dont believe that we are the only company with this issue.


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    We had this same challenge going back for years with various POS and inventory platforms. One software company founder told us his logic in this business practice. Essentially, if a customer wants to outright buy an item that someone else has hung up on a long-tailed layaway...then make the quick sale and reorder for the layaway customer. Don't want to turn away a sale.

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    Hey @RobertHarris ,

    If an inventory item is added and saved to a layaway, the quantity on hand in retail is supposed to decrease 1 in quantity and assign it to the Layaway section of the item card.

    Of course, it will still be in inventory until the funds are attached to the item, however they should no longer be assigned to the available-to-sell QOH.


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    When we put an item on layaway, it shows being out of inventory. If we have 1 and put it on layaway, then it shows we have 0.

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