Feature Request: Special order tracking by employee

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Can we PLEASE get the ability to search special orders and layaways by user who created it without the need to have all of the reporting permissions? Adding a tracking option similar to what was in onsite would also be so amazing.

To give you an example, in On-Site, I had 59 processed orders, 18 partially received orders, and 24 received orders. In Retail, I can not see an easy way to differentiate which orders are partially received, vs. fully received, vs. not received at all. If @VanessaD is looking, this could also be a reason to support sandboxing the special orders and layaways.

Some of our employees will have access to reporting, but not all. Removing the ability to search SO's an putting it in its own permission category would help.


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    Thanks for the feedback @ngilson , I'll add it to the list!


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