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I have recently begun utilizing the "Custom Fields" feature within Lightspeed Retail. I really like the idea of it, although it seems like it's only useful for reference purposes. I decided to use them for our customers' Tax Exemption IDs. Doing so, I found that it is limited to a maximum number of 1,000,000,000.


For instance, let's say a customer's Tax Exemption ID is 9125435617. If I were to use this in the custom field I made, it will change to 1000000000 after saving the changes. It appears that 1000000000 is the largest possible number that can be used in the custom field. (I tried this for both 'Text' and 'Number' fields).

I understand that the "Custom" field under "Other" could be used for this. Additionally, I could just type it into the customer's notes. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of custom fields?


As large numbers such as Tax Exemption IDs may be used in many stores, I believe that it would be useful to many people to have this number limit increased or removed.


Thanks for your consideration,

Zach | Clay County Farm Supply



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    This seems odd, based on the Retail API documentation the Customer Custom Field that's defined as text should allow up to 4,096 characters -->

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    Also, word of warning. When we first implemented Retail for our smaller company we were told by the sales rep and a tech advisor that missing fields we needed could be created as custom fields. There were quite a few custom fields we required, so we built them out as suggested.

    What we found is that the solution a) wouldn't appear on any canned Retail or Analytics reports (only via the API), and b) scaled poorly.

    That scalability really has hampered the usability of the Retail solution as a whole. With 10K+ products, and with each product having maybe a dozen custom takes a new/modified product upwards of 45 seconds to commit the save operation, and it takes about 10 times longer to pull custom field values we need via the API.

    I'd be wary of throwing too many custom fields into your customer schema if at all possible. 😀

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