The billing/shipping address form changes when I change the country

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I have a question about the billing/shipping address form.

As I saw in Lightspeed website, the the billing/shipping address form will be changed by country. For example, if my country is Netherland the form will be shown as below:

If my country is Qatar, the address form will be shown as below:

I saw that some countries have address with house number and extension fields but others have address line 2 instead.

From Lightspeed document, you mentioned North America countries use the form without house number. However, I found that Qatar, UAE, France also use this form. It is really confusing,

Can I know what is the rules here? What countries use the form with house number? What countries use the form with address line 2?


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  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hi @maiphuong ,

    We don't have a list available that explains which counties have this field and which do not.

    However, if there is an issue with one of the countries you can report it here and we can submit a request to correct it.


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