CloudFlare API Block - Need Real Help ASAP

jtellierjtellier Member Posts: 63

How do you get a cloudflare block unblocked?

... and furthermore, why is there a limit on sku lookups?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 925 

    If your IP wasn't previously blocked due to its public subnet association, then it's likely a temporary block due to API requests past a certain (unknown) threshold. So it should be transient, lifting in --- who knows --- a minute, an hour, etc. Perhaps someone from Lightspeed can speak to that, since they choose to have Cloudflare as the middleman.

    So you weren't exceeding Lightspeed Retail's API limits? It was just a total summation kind of a scenario?

  • jtellierjtellier Member Posts: 63

    I was calling a sku lookup a few times a second to check for removal of skus, the client had 78,000 updates come over and many were deletion checks.

    Yeah I tried reaching out to LightSpeed Support but they always just say to come post in the forum, which makes no sense, the community cant lift a cloudflare block.

    Very frustrated with LS lately

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 925 

    You definitely need to scale back the API calls for sure. One GET per second is pushing your luck most of the time I've found. 🤐

    Agreed, in that a user-driven community forum that's moderated isn't the best method for obtaining production support. Sorry for the situation!

  • jtellierjtellier Member Posts: 63

    Its been 3 hours and the block is still on. This is crazy I am beginning to think LightSpeed is a company of 3 people in someone's moms garage.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 925 

    Actually looks like over 1,000 employees --> Although perhaps 95% of them are management and sales based on this perspective. 😐️

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