Feature Request: Attaching files and CC fields on POs

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I am new to LSR but a long time user of LS Onsite. In that system it was easy to attache supportive materials to Purchase Orders when sending them to suppliers. We do a lot of custom products and we also work with suppliers who use English as a second language. Therefore it is often helpful to be able to attach images, PDFs or other supportive files to help clarify our orders and avoid mistakes when sending POs to our vendors. It would be great if LSR provided for this function.

Also, some of our suppliers ask us to CC any of our PO emails to more than one address within their company. This also used to be easy in LS onsite. Would be great if we could email POs to multiple addresses at the same time.

Also, is there any easy way to customize the PO templates. I looked in the forum and it seems like you have to know how to code in HTML. It would be great to add a custom field or allow us to add a logo/branding, a estimated ex-factory date, preferred shipping methods, or a different SHIP-TO address, etc to the document that is emailed to the supplier.


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    I agree, I would love to be able to modify POs too:

    • add the ability to enter quantity as you are adding an item to a PO, rather than manually adding the item multiple times or scrolling down to enter quantity, which can be a lot of scrolling if it's a long order
    • ability to cc would be great too
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