Reinstall and Go to App button suddenly point to same url

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Recently something has changed within Lightspeed breaking my app integration.

Within the backoffice -> purchased apps -> app we have 3 buttons on top:

The Go to App button points to the success url with the parameters as described in

But the Reinstall App button now gives a popup (granting permissions) and also points to the same success url with the same parameters.

In the past the Reinstall App button would first redirect to before sending the customer to the success url, so I could detect the difference between those 2 buttons.

But with the recent change my app does not detect the difference between those buttons as referrer, headers and parameters of the success url have now become identical.

Could anyone at Lightspeed add a parameter to the Reinstall App or Go to App button, so any app integration can notice the difference?

Any other solution would also be welcome.

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