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adlamoureuxadlamoureux Member Posts: 11
When I first got this system 2 years ago I was told accepting Gift Cards online was on the road map for development. Where are we at with this??? Hate having to have all kinds of silly workarounds for things that are widely accepted on other platforms.


  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator
    At this moment eCom does not yet have a gift card functionality as in Retail. One available workaround, although not ideal, is to create a discount code when a customer wants to place an order online. This way the customer would get the discount when placing an online order.
    You are not the first to request an Omni gift card solution and our product development team is aware of this request.
    At the moment more priority has been given to other matters and this functionality is not yet under development. Each quarter these priorities are determined and it may be that this is gradually added to the eCom platform.
    I will create a support ticket on your behalf and attach it to the feature request. The more people request a feature the higher the priority becomes.
    I hope this clarifies the situation.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • ckinmanckinman Partner Posts: 5 partner
    I can completely agree. Your story is my story. This is a feature that needs to be number 1!
  • AdVisionAdVision Member Posts: 5
    Hello @adlamoureux & @ckinman,

    My name is Rayna and I am with AdVision eCommerce, a development company that works primarily on the eCom platform.  

    We have developed a Gift Card application to work with eCom so your customers can pay online.

    If you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]
  • jaminleatherjaminleather Member Posts: 3

    It's almost 2020, gift cards and/or gift certificates are needed for eCommerce! It would be really nice if they worked with POS.

    What are the "workarounds" that other companies have used?

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    OK here we are over a year later, and still ZERO effort being made to have a gift card that works in both retail and ecom. The same is true for the new "Loyalty" program that completely ignores ecom purchases and customers.

  • TatianaTatiana Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 2 Lightspeed
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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We wanted to assure you that the online gift cards feature is on our roadmap and we are working towards implementing it to the platform.

    In the meantime:

    @jaminleather, the custom solutions that other companies use are:

    1. Implementing a custom integration for redeemable gift cards
    2. Using discount codes:

    @dsteinbeck, we recently closed the Beta for the Omni Loyalty program and General availability of this feature is expected soon.

    • You will be able to incentive your customers to buy online using the points system.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to our eCom support team for additional questions or clarifications.

    Happy Holidays!

    Tatiana AN

    Lightspeed eCom Support

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    Thanks Tatiana,

    I appreciate the response, but until Lightspeed will actually publish a target date or ballpark estimate— Q1, Q2 etc, the promise is kinda hollow. It’s been on the “roadmap” for as long as we’ve used Lightspeed. All I see are efforts to expand horizontally with support for golf courses and restaurants while leaving your original Omnichannel customers in the dust with empty promises and lacking functionality that should fundamental to any e-commerce platform. Not being able to offer gift cards on ecom is hurting our business and as much as I hate to think about moving to another platform, wemay have no choice.

  • rkruegerrkrueger Member Posts: 1

    Desperately awaiting Omni Gift Cards. 🤔 Our customers are becoming more and more frustrated with not being able to use their gift card balance online AND in-store at our physical locations. As mentioned by Tatiana, an ETA on the release would be greatly appreciated. 🙏

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 953 

    Now that we are in 2020, the concept of omni-channel has been established in the retail industry for awhile now. In terms of a bundled brick and mortar/e-com solution, the fact this is still a defect when it comes to Lightspeed is concerning. Although a lot of solution providers claim to be omni-channel, but under the covers it's not a 100% accurate claim.

    Retail customers have come to expect seamless behavior --- wish lists, gift cards, managing their accounts, viewing their purchase history, etc. I'm sure once this defect has been addressed it will make a lot of Lightspeed customers happy!

  • EavesEaves Member Posts: 1

    I've been with Lightspeed for 9 years when there was only a server based option. In order to keep up with more competition and options, Lightspeed has to demand of itself sharper and savvier solutions and fixes that deliver on *expediting basic business practices* instead of constantly limiting and excusing this platform from the developer side.

    If you're not going to do what it takes to give the basics to the customers who were led to believe that's what we would get, then partner with those who can fill in the gaps and be responsible for making sure it all works together. Selling your solution as full package but then telling your customer to get the parts elsewhere without any accountability or care for your customers well being (aka business) is a quick way to open the door to your competitors.

    Just to be clear, I'm not expecting Lightspeed ecomm to be pioneering or breakthrough. Most of us understand a platform is not going to be perfect. What is not ok is simply turning your back on shortcomings that are slogging down daily business. Gift cards is an easy basic way to fuel and maintain business. Without it you're directly holding back your customers' businesses.

    It's been asked a few times but no answer. Our company has asked 5 times with customer support to no avail.

    1. What is the timing here on gift card integration? Are we talking this year 2020 as a goal for the development team or are we years out? Not giving us any sense of timing is disrespecting and handcuffing your customers to not making savvy educated decisions.
    2. Is the only other option than discount codes (which puts a whole lot of unnecessary work on businesses that have to focus on running their business) Advision?
    3. Has anyone tried Advision that's willing to talk about their experience, good or bad. I hope Lightspeed does not shut down that feedback if it holds any accountability for its platform.

    Thanks to anyone who can give some real helpful business information here.

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    Eaves - we echo your concerns regarding Omnichannel gift cards completely as you can see from earlier posts. No experience with Advision, so I can't help there.

    The bottom line is that adding Omnichannel Gift Cards is either beyond their software developer's expertise, or it is simply not a priority. My guess is that their developers have the talent, but their product management team obviously don't think it's a priority since it's been on their roadmap to nowhere for too many years.

    What I am wondering whether this forum is really getting the message to the right folks at Lightspeed. All we hear are empty promises from nice people that have appear to have no authority to do anything that affects priorities.

    Maybe social media, like Facebook , is a better way to get the attention this deserves. If nothing else it may provide POS shoppers fair warning about some key missing functionality. Since Lightspeed is a public company, I would think their social media gets looked at by a wider range of people that might have the authority to actually commit to getting this done. I just entered a post on their Facebook page that you can look at an comment on (if their Facebook review team actually lets it post).

  • AdVisionAdVision Member Posts: 5

    A Gift Card application has been developed by AdVision to add a second form of payment online durning checkout.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information, [email protected]
  • teh_troutteh_trout Member Posts: 5

    As a new Lightspeed customer I'm sad to find this important feature totally lacking. Being able to sell new gift cards online is so helpful for our customers who need a gift quickly and it helps us get new customers in the door and shopping. It is tiring to have such a hodgepodge of half solutions that we need to manually paste together.

  • AttridgeAttridge Member Posts: 3

    I think Lightspeed is really far behind Shopify when it comes to payments. It's a little shocking that we can't sell and recieve Gift Card payments online. All of this is more important at the moment with Covid-19 as we all put more focus on online.

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    It's clear that e-com is the black sheep of the Lightspeed family. They are more interested in horizontal expansion into new markets than finishing the products in the markets they are already in. Gift Cards and Loyalty are two great examples of promises not kept and huge shortcomings in ecom - meanwhile they are focusing their software development resources on restaurants and golf courses. They are so close to having a great Omnichannel program but don't seem to want to make any of this happen.

  • 3gearstudios3gearstudios Member Posts: 3

    Lightspeeds ecom is very difficult to use. I would probably have choosen Wix or Square, if it wasn't for having Lightspeed being also our POS. Gift Cards and Loyalty programs should have been on the top of their list and it's really baffling that it wasn't. I also find AdVision very frustrating in that they charge so much for features I think ecom should already be offering such as: Gift Registry, Social Media Integration, Homepage Sideshow.

  • forestandmeadowforestandmeadow Member Posts: 2

    I think it would be really swell if Lightspeed would foot the bill for the AdVision gift card integration, AT (the very) LEAST during the pandemic. I just finished pouring days of my life into getting our ecom site set up and had no idea that gift cards would not be a possible option. I have had so many customers asking to buy gift cards to help us stay afloat, and there is no way for them to do this without us paying more money to another company which feels absolutely absurd. If Lightspeed can't prioritize ecom gift cards for whatever reason while so many of their customers are asking for it, it seems completely reasonable to me for them to offer the AdVision integration for free until they figure it out.

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    I would agree. Have you used AdVision? Seems pricey @ $600 upfront and $9.99/month....

  • dwelldwell Member Posts: 9

    Ugh, this wasn't what I was wanting to hear... Am I understanding this correctly..? We can't sell gift cards online (thats what bought me here because I can't for the life of me figure out how to go about setting them up to have a barcode auto-generated for each sale). We have a second store on shopify and its a breeze. We get gift card sales flooding in there... We've only just commited to using the Lightspeed ecom this last week and i'm already beginning to regret it! AND our customers can't redeem them online!? HUH!? I refuse to pay (HOW MUCH!?) $600 for that app. LS fix this!! Geez! It's 2020 already!

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    Well they are now offering a Coronavirus special and have reduced their upfront setup fee by 66% - or $200 instead of $600.

    I just signed up and have started the process with AdVision. I will say they are very responsive and seem to have their act together.

    As far a I know Omnichannel gift cards aren't even on Lightspeed's radar at this point and I could not wait any longer.

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    OK some great news. We just completed work with AdVision on getting Omnichannel Gift Cards setup. AdVision handled everything in a very professional, accurate and fast way and we are now selling gift cards that work in our retail shop and online store!

    They also fixed our Out of Stock variant issue perfectly. Both were done in less than 2 weeks.

    Highly recommend.

  • TILTILTILTIL Member Posts: 2

    Ping... any updates on this from Lightspeed? Seems there are many people requesting this for a long time.

  • aimzaimz Member Posts: 9

    Hey @Lightspeed - any update?

    I don't know if I dreamt it, but I think a couple of months ago my variants had "Out of Stock" next to them - but the next day it was gone.. I really hope it wasn't a dream and the function was being tested and is hopefully ready to use.. Before I have to go and drop money with Advision for something that should be a simple option to turn on in my store.

    Same with gift cards.

    @dsteinbeck - with gift cards, from what I can see you have to sell through an "item" online - I then presume you need to refund the sale on to a gift card manually? So whilst it's great you can use them online, and i'll likely go with it as it's better than nothing, it's still a slightly manual process. Or am I reading advision's site wrong?

  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 118 moderator

    Hello, @TILTIL & @aimz ,

    As of now there are no updates for selling and redeeming omni-gift cards online.

    We have a guide on selling them by using a matrix comprised of non-inventory variants, but those can only be redeemed in store. I attached the guide which walks you through the setup process.

    With regards to the "out of stock" variant notification, that is something we're currently testing. We rolled it out but rolled it back due to reported issues.

    I recommend that you monitor our Changelogs site to stay up to date with new new features and bug fixes:

    Have a great day.

  • ceo2beceo2be Member Posts: 13
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    When can we expect this my account manager said over 2 months ago it was weeks away and yet no news or updates on this. It's super frustrating and a major thing that should be a basic function of the omni-platform. @VanessaD

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  • cwoldcwold Member Posts: 3

    I was also told by my account manager that online gift card redemption was in the works back in January... I’m not going to hold my breath - also not holding my breath for Lightspeed payments to have better fraud/security features. I am not switching to lightspeed ecom even though I have paid for it for the year. I’m going to keep my lovely Shopify store until more kinks have been worked out in Lightspeed ecom - please please please figure this stuff out!!

  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 274 moderator

    Omni gift cards is currently in the last part of development. If everything goes according to plan a private beta is scheduled to start in May.

    You can contact support who can put you on the beta list, but no guarantees.

    It has been a long time coming but we are getting closer to Omni gift cards.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • ceo2beceo2be Member Posts: 13

    Please tag me for beta.

  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 118 moderator

    Hi @ceo2be ,

    Please contact the eCom support team and request to be added to the beta list.

    As Joey mentioned, they'll add you to the list but there is no guarantee that you'll be added to the beta.


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