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So one of the major problems with retail is the inability to assign vendors to non inv. products.

Non inv items need to be treated the same way as inventoried items in all aspects.

We have hundreds of non inv items we order weekly, can not select a vendor, cannot place a PO, cannot make special orders, cannot have and show/compare different costs from different vendors.

This is a huge oversight be retail developers, the assumption in retail that all relevant products can be inventoried is stupid.

As an example I own Pet Stores, it is impossible to inventory thousands of fish that we order weekly, so I cannot make PO's through retail, I cannot make special orders, I cannot track costs, from my many suppliers that provide the same livestock etc.

This applies to many items that are sold by the weight, by the foot on rolls, mainly for us, livestock.

This was not an issue in onsite.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon, I cant imagine others users of retail not having this problem, non inv items needs to be treated the same as inv.

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    Same problem at a bike shop. I receive hundreds of cables, little ferrules, nuts, bolts, etc - It is silly to count them but I still want to charge people for them sometimes and account for the cost of goods sold. The workaround is to just simply be OK with inventory numbers that are way off and re-count these items to zero them out before doing an inventory export for accounting purposes.

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