How to split the delivery app's commissions in the daily report?

Hi I am very beginner and learning how to use light speed more effectively.

I was wondering how can we split the delivery app's commission and want to check separately in our daily report .

I don't know why but it appears the amount including commission and that makes me confuse to know real net sales.

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  • Katherine_WelfordKatherine_Welford Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 77 moderator

    Hello Jaeus,

    In theory, each of the channels set up through Deliverect should be mapped to their own payment button, so in the Payments and Tips section, you will see how many of each you had and the total amount for these.

    Alternately, these channels should also be mapped to their own table on the floor plan, so you could always turn on Show Table Revenue for your Day Reports.

    Could you please let me know the name of your organization or the Account ID so I can confirm this for your account?

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