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I can't believe I have to ask this question, but I'm stumped.

How can an associate, an employee with no access to reports, initiate a return without the physical receipt? I thought the barcode was a great idea and was looking forward to using the system, but the vast majority of our customers prefer e-receipts. As such, they never have a paper receipt with them when they want to do an exchange and we've found that the bar codes simply do not scan reliably off of a mobile device.

So I have an employee who has the information from the receipt, including the transaction number, but there doesn't seem to be any way for him to use that information (again, without access to reports). I was told once we were active and we had access to Sales History that would be how to do it, but that happened last night that section is useless for this purpose. Searching with the transaction number or even the customer name doesn't result in any hits.

All I want is a way for my cashier to initiate a return using a transaction number. I mean, this is about as basic as it gets for a POS system. And maybe there's something I'm overlooking, but so far I haven't found the solution and the rep in chat told me the options are receipt barcode, item search, or customer name search. Really?!!

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    After corresponding with a well-meaning rep, I've learned it cannot be done. He offered that our associate should search for the item and then find the sale from there.

    As I said to him, a salesperson should not have to search for an item and then figure out which of many sales was the original transaction. Yes, it's nice to have this feature in case the customer doesn't have a receipt, but why should we have to waste time searching for an invoice when we already know which invoice we need? How backwards is that?

    The fact that there isn't a way to do a return on an invoice using the invoice number is ridiculous, and just one of the many, many issues that makes Retail a giant step backwards from Onsite. Permitting associates to do returns without linking them to the original invoice is not the solution, as it invites fraud.

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