Wishlist API endpoint

doortje_freshdoortje_fresh Member Posts: 1


I want to collect the wishlists from all our customers. I've been scanning through the API endpoints, but I can't find one containing the wishlist items. Is there another way to collect the items? Or am I missing an endpoint?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 907 

    There is a wishlist feature in Lightspeed Retail? I must've missed that somewhere along the way. I'm assuming you meant to post this in the Ecom forum area. Looking at those API docs, I don't believe this endpoint is exposed. 😕

  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 346 moderator


    The wishlist for eCom is unfortunately not available on the API yet. We do have a feature request for this and as soon as this is made available, we will update the documentations.

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