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Is this a joke? This must be a joke. Why doesn't the Manufact. SKU automatically print on labels? If you've ever worked a day in retail you understand that you can have multiple items with a generic description but the crucial information lies in the Manufact. SKU.

Picture this: Here employee, this order just came in. It's 6 cases of 6 different "lanterns" and you must match the correct label to the correct item, with no information on the label to guide you. Good luck!

I do realize I can customize my labels (which comes with it's own headaches) but this just seems like a complete oversight.

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    Hopefully this a major priority for Lightspeed as it is making the software unusable for us. As we run out of product with the old tags and the new tags are used more in the store, I'm having more and more headaches.

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    Agreed!!! Supposedly, you should be able to add the Mfg SKU to the item label by using the custom label templet. I've attempted this "fix" several times but cannot get it to work. I've been with LS for the last year and have found the retail program very lacking in many areas. I've seen countless comments from other users expressing their frustrations, only to get a reply back from a LS tech that they'll start a card on whatever issue was brought up.

    Should a LS tech read this comment, I would love to know if you happen to have a Board of Retailers helping to guide upgrade ideation and prioritizations? If not, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Based on what feedback I've read and my own feelings, LS is not as well thought out as it initially presented. I feel a Retailer Board would be extremely beneficial to all parties involved.

    I think the bottom line is, changes need to happen and happen fast! You need to OVER communicate the changes which you've planned with an implementation time line for all to see. Without such information, your client users will only continue on getting more frustrated and angry. LS will loose retailers.

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    I believe you can modify the ItemLabel by going into Settings --> Print Templates in the web client. There is a GitHub project with examples of how to customize these forms. Plus if you search this forum you should find mention of how to do this.

    While not the easiest modification to pull off, it's possible. Just not necessarily convenient for a retailer looking to get the job done quick and easy.

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    Thanks, I am aware of the Print Templates. Utilizing several tutorials, I've attempted to modify my labels. Sadly, I've not been able to get the modifications to print properly. For whatever reason, the 'true' 'false' statements do not work. I've also attempted to find my Category ID's so I could include item category on my labels. Sadly, the directions I found did not help at all.

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    So did you follow the instructions outlined in this link?

    I believe it should work based on running into this in the past. It's been awhile but I recall it worked...

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