Incomplete Invoice webhook data on Credit memo

EelcoEelco Member Posts: 8

Webhook data incomplete on invoice topic and created event.

In some cases when we receive webhook data on the invoice topic and created event the number is null and the priceIncl and priceExcl are 0. Without an update event later but by retrieving it using a GET request the invoice has a number and the prices aren't 0.

Why is this? We experience quite some trouble because of the above as we act on these webhooks and without a number and a price of 0 we can't process these credits.

See attached file for the incoming data.


  • EelcoEelco Member Posts: 8

    Hi, hopefully Lightspeed employees.

    I've created an internal ticket for this a while back, on which a solution was never found. The ticket number was #1502173 but I have no idea where to find this ticket history?

    In the ticket I've discussed a similar situation, where the reference wasn't known in the webhook data. Later, when retrieving the invoice by ID, the reference was set. This has caused many problems on our app, and the solution was to simply ignore webhook data when the reference wasn't set, resulting in missing syncs.

  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 340 moderator

    Hi @Eelco,

    Do you get another webhook after (with the correct data)?

    Also, I had a look at ticket #1502173 and it seems like there were some issues on the reference number which were likely caused by duplicating orders. If you want, I can send the conversation to you.

  • EelcoEelco Member Posts: 8

    Hi @Ali_Masoumie ,

    No, we don't get another webhook with the correct data.

    Please, could you send it to me? Is there a solution for the problem or does it only explain the situation of the problem?

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