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Hi ,

   I am testing on the app installing. I have a problem that can't be solved. I need your help. I did an app called 'Sync2Sell' and I created a test eCom shop to test the app.

   Now I need to install the app to the test eCom shop


   When I type the account and password it keeps on throwing the error message of the invalid account but I know the account does exist because I can log in the eCom admin page.

    This app has been working very well in the past so I wonder if it is the test eCom shop caused such issue and should I do more configuration on the eCom shop side to install the app?


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    Hi @RogerZhao ,

    This usually happens if you created your account in Retail but never established an eCom password for that account.

    I sent you a password reset email, please follow those instructions and try installing the app again.

    By the way, I removed both the email and passwords from your original post for security reasons.


  • RogerZhaoRogerZhao Member Posts: 3

    Reset password solved this issue now.

    Thank you very much.

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