How decode .rain files from exported theme?

NikogoNikogo Member Posts: 1

How decode .rain files from exported theme?


  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hi @Nikogo ,

    Due to our policy, we're unable to help you with this request.

    If you have the theme editor enabled, you can always open the rain file and copy its content into a local code editor such as VSCode.


  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭

    Hi @Nikogo

    Is there any specific reason why lightspeed do not allow merchants to create a usable / readable backup of a site ?

    Can you even download individual files? If not why not?

    Thank you

  • MaartendwMaartendw Member Posts: 1

    @Abbas I hope they will make something soon that we can just develop in our own code editors like shopify...

    Cause developing in browser is a drama 😂

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