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Good morning,

I have a question about the PostNL API.

This API is deprecated. Some shipping methods are outdated and therefore no longer work. Like morning delivery, this option has been changed at PostNL to guaranteed before 10:00 and guaranteed before 12:00.

Furthermore, the evening delivery option is only available when the option for a day choice is also enabled. This is not possible for us because we would then have to sort the packages by shipping day. The evening delivery option should simply be able to be chosen as a shipping method without a day choice.

It would also be nice if there was an option in the back office with the order to create an extra shipping label. Due to our bulk process, we do not know in advance whether there is an order that needs an extra shipping label

It would also be nice if an option 'create return' is realized in the back-off with the order. To create a return label at PostNL yourself is extremely time-consuming. This should be easier from the back office.

In short, please have more options in the back office of the PostNL API



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