Frustration of not being able to use two different cards on a phone order

LSNYLSNY Member Posts: 1

Phone order customer wants to purchase one item that's worth $8,000. Because of card limits, he wants to split the charge into 2 cards.

Add item, go to payment, enter first card amount, hit Manual Entry.. it defaults to the full amount.

Lightspeed chat says - I can't take two cards on Manual Entry and maybe I should try "deposit"....

Senseless. We had the feature with Lightspeed OnSite from 2012-2021. Shouldn't the change be for the better?

Take it as a feature request. We can get a phone line credit card machine from our bank, but what's the point of Lightspeed then?


  • EdiEdi Member Posts: 2

    Thank goodness I read this. It's not something that comes up often but it does come up. Manual entry for phone orders is something the owner of our store usually does. He would have been greatly upset to be blindsided by this while working with a customer.

    I agree wholeheartedly that it when the change came it was thought by patrons of Lightspeed to have been much the same but with slight improvements. I almost feel like they have taken away some of our core needs.

    A suggestion to go along with LSNY for feedback.

  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭

    If you have Cayan, you can go into the virtual terminal and process the credit cards for any amount you like. Then you just go into the sale and process as pre-paid.

    If you have LS payments, which insanely does not have a virtual terminal, I would say maybe make a non-invenotry item for $4000 and ring up as two separate transactions, one for each credit card?

    I think to make it work (COG and Inventory wise) , you would ring one "fake item" sale at $4000, then pretend to refund it so you have a $4000 credit on your 2nd sale. Then when you ring in $8000 item, the amount due will come up as $4000 as you have the "credit" return as part of the 2nd sale.

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