No signature required--when can we shut off the double receipt?

workerchimpworkerchimp Member Posts: 24

Every credit card sale spits out two receipts, one for the customer to sign and one for them to keep. Since signatures have been all but eliminated with the new CC terminals, why can't we shut off this as an option? Seems like it should be a pretty basic fix--let's go!


  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭

    We don't auto print. We ask every guest, and on the rare occasion they say yes, we that point the dialog box will allow you to just print the "2nd" page....or just one receipt.

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    Hey @workerchimp

    To disable the 2nd receipt copy that prints out asking for a signature, you can go to settings -> Locations -> Customize -> Receipt Setup and delete the line of text in the Credit Card agreement section.

    This will stop the 2nd copy from printing on Card transactions


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  • workerchimpworkerchimp Member Posts: 24

    Awesome--finally something that just works! I just wish things were more intuitive instead of just knowing all these workarounds and tricks. Thanks for your help!

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