How LS allows a return when the sale never happened?

How a system to help manage inventory allows a return to happen when the sale never happened before?

The system should at least flag the user that they are trying to return an item that was not sold.

This change the quantity on inventory and create an inventory that does not exist. This is a huge problem, especially from an accounting point of view.


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    Hey @gabrielaalbuquerque

    Here is an alternative that could help you limit the ability to refund without an original reference:

    Go into Settings -> General Options and check the "Without Receipt Refund Credit Only" and the "No Store Credit Refunds". The two will work together to disallow the ability to refund without an original reference to a previously made sale.

    This is what it would look like. Of course, if you do store-credit refunds with reference, the "No store credit refunds" option will need to be unchecked via the general options to allow for this temporarily.

    Otherwise, I can absolutely move this query to our Feedback forum for our merchant-requested enhancements!


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    If you choose the above method, would you still be able to do a return if you looked up the transaction by the customer record and could enter the receipt number w/o having the physical receipt in hand? In this instance, you WOULD be allowed to do the return because you provided the "virtual" receipt (by entering the number).

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