Taking a deposit on a workorder

ssbikesandboardsssbikesandboards Member Posts: 1

I want to be able to take a deposit on a workorder. I know how to back out, go to the customer... but there has to be a better way without bouncing around. Anyone?


  • brettlangbrettlang Member Posts: 4

    Hey SSbikesandboards,

    I am with Ikeono, and we have an integration which allows you to send invoices within work orders, shows real time statuses, and automatically adds as a deposit on the customer's LS account. The invoices are powered by Stripe Secure Checkout, with plenty of fraud protection tools and are eligible for Stripe Chargeback protection.

    Even if a customer has multiple work orders, you'll see the invoices sent on that specific work order.

    Here's a YouTube video which gives an overview of the integration.


  • FamilyCycleryFamilyCyclery Member Posts: 2

    As far as I know, there isn't a way to make a deposit on a specific work order, just to a customer account. And you should be able to do this from the work order screen by clicking the "checkout" button at the top, then not choosing a work order to complete and instead just clicking the "payment" button on the right. The you can add a deposit for whatever amount. However, if the work order you're looking at is set as an Estimate, the checkout button won't appear until you change the status and refresh the page. (All of this is anecdotal based on our system, I have only used Lightspeed at this bike shop and I'm not sure if our setting make it work this way or not.)

    It would be great to be able to mark deposits for specific work orders. We have customers ordering more than one bike while getting another serviced and it's too easy to apply the wrong payment to the wrong work order at check out.

  • amatthamatth Member Posts: 12

    @FamilyCyclery I forgot this used to be bikeshop software. Thanks for the reminder. That is how we do it. But the tip about the estimate solves yet another bug I was encountering. Thank you for responding. It's not you or your settings it's the program.

  • skinnywheelsbikeshopskinnywheelsbikeshop Member Posts: 1

    Yes, please! we need this like 10 years ago.

  • Signet_WizardSignet_Wizard Member Posts: 10

    Absolutely, having the ability to tie a deposit to a specific work order is must have for us too. We run a hobby shop where we also do custom framing and we often have people with multiple work orders or special orders that have a deposit and having the system automatically bring up a specific amount of deposit when completing a particular job would save so much headache. Especially when different employees can interact with this same customer in different departments.

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 120 ✭

    Plus one on this!! We have had multiple instances of customers / staff using deposits earmarked for a specific work order or special order to complete other sales leaving no deposit when the WO or special order are finally completed.... deposit needs to be tied to a specific order!

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 995 

    Hopping in briefly here. This change makes sense, seeing that customer deposits currently just sit in a big pot. And aren't tied to a specific transaction. This change isn't minor, so we will see what comes of it. A lot of POS solutions have the same "big pot" scenario too, when we've evaluated them .

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