Shipping status change in Retail store doesn't get updated in eCom

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Although the eCom order information gets synced to Retail store, after the merchant marked the shipment as "shipped" in Retail, this status change doesn't get to send back to eCom store. The eCom order's status is still showing "Ready for Shipment". Is there a way to automatically trigger the shipping status update to eCom store?

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    We are having similar problem,

    We use the Sunrise ERP logistics platform to fulfil the orders.

    When the orders are shipped, the API communicates with Lightspeed API , following the documentation provided, but status is not updated to Shipped.

    This is causing a lot of manual work.

    Note: the tracking parcel code is sent and updated succesffully;

    Can someone help us here, customer is not happy at the moment .


    This is what we do now:

    // Update shipment

    $shipment_arr = $connector->shipments->get(null, array('order' => $order_id_api));

    $shipment_id = $shipment_arr[0]['id'];

    echo "SHIPMENT ID: " . $shipment_id . " ";

    if ($shipment_id > 0) {

    $result = $connector->shipments->update($shipment_id, [

      "status"        => "shipped",

      "trackingCode"     => $trackingcode_sep,

      "doNotifyShipped"   => "true",

      "doNotifyTrackingCode" => "true",

      "doNotifyReadyForPickup" => "true"



    // Update orderstatus

    $result_status = $connector->orders->update($order_id_api, array('paymentStatus' => 'paid', 'shipmentStatus' => 'shipped'));

    but is not updating the order status to 'shipped'.

    Any help here please...

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