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I think these would be huge improvements with LS in general, and with the Matrix


Changing pricing in MATRIX changes the pricing of all variables within the Matrix. If by chance you have a unique price for 'one off' items, you can do so within the individual variant.

Create Matrix from Inventory Items

Have an option to create Matrix from inside a Inventory Items

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  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 33 ✭

    The price change feature would only be helpful if it was setup in such a way that it was an option and I'm not sure if that's possible for them. It sounds like many/most of the Matrices you work with apply to items that have the same base cost. However, our company primarily works with Matrices that align with different size/volume products and they have wildly different costs/prices. So, if changing the Matrix price applied to all products it would be disastrous for us.

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