Ability to Store minimum order quantities or case quantities in an item for purchasing

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LSR currently has no way of storing a products Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) for purchasing and it creates a lot of inconvenience and wasted time in accounting for that on each purchase order. It is incredibly common for products to be purchased in set case quantity or to have a minimum required quantity for purchasing. There is currently no way to account for this in LSR and it results in a lot of wasted time looking those quantities up on each purchase order.

It would be incredibly helpful if there was a custom field in each product that stored that information and was then reflected on POs for reference. POs currently show a number of fields (price, vendor id, cost, etc...) and MOQ/Case qty would be 10x more helpful than retail price on a PO. I know that you can set reorder values with case quantities as the difference between the reorder point and the reorder level. However, that is not helpful if you sell below the reorder point by multiple increments.

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    I can't believe that this isn't an option for lightspeed! This should be an absolute must for all inventory management systems. Very frustrating!

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