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is there a way to merge / include scss / scss.rain files? I want to structure my files a bit and it would be great to split up scss files like settings.css.scss.rain, grid.css.scss, style.css.scss and merge them in a single file for the frontend. This is common practice when working with SASS - but somehow this doesn't work within the theme framework.

Any ideas?


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  • Hielke BrandsmaHielke Brandsma Member Posts: 25

    I'd really like to know how to achieve this also 😚

    In that case we can decrease blocking- and load-time. Speed is very important nowadays! IMO there are a lot of ways to improve pagespeed results, but they aren't available on the platform unfortunately 😒

    At first I'd like to mention WEBP support. This would give users a lot of speed-improvement out of the box! Our friends from Google created a wonderful Apache plugin called: mod_pagespeed, which is capable of generating WEBP images on the fly and checks browser compatibility also and has a fall-back method implemented.

    A couple of other options:

    • Automating CSS / JS minifying
    • Using popular libraries to include
    • Avoid using JQuery 1.9x
    • Adopt ON-Demand (CSS) frameworks as Tailwindcss, Bootstrap or some other framework to prevent duplicate CSS variables (when used properly)
    • Give developers console access to use NodeJS

    For sure there are a lot of other solutions, so feel free to respond also 😎 to this topic

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