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The received report has changed and the order of the tender totals at the bottom of the screen are no longer in a consistent order. Sometimes debit will be first, sometimes mastercard, etc and it can change within the same day depending on the till selected.

Before July 1 the order was always the same, no matter the day or the till selected, been this way for 5+ years - cash, cheque, debit, mastercard, AMEX, visa....I have it memorized. The refunds used to always line up with payments, same order, but now that changes as well.

Any idea why this changed all of sudden after being so consistent for years? I have an excel set up for our daily cash out and now because the order is different everyday it takes longer to fill in the excel. Minor issue, yes, but why the change? Why is it not consistent anymore?

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    I too have an excel spreadsheet set up based on the original order of the report and now the order has changed which is an annoyance!

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    I chatted with support about the issue and they are going to investigate further. It's ridiculous! Every day it's a different order. I have two stores and on the same EOD report, each store has the totals are displaced in a different order. It's annoying!

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    @dustinb: This is the response I got back from support:

    "I tried checking on this and it looks like the system was actually made to work this way. It set to show the tender in different order and doesn't have a fix or locked-in order. What I can do is to send this feedback to our developers and hopefully this is something that can be worked on for easy reporting feasibility."

    Frankly, this makes no sense!

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    Odd that it was working at one point and held that order for 5+ years. So something changed in the code for it to be random now. I don't even care on the order, just wish it would hold true each day or even within the same day when running the report. Thanks for the update!

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