Refunding part of one customer's invoice to the account of another

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One of our customers (A) received 3 presents for her birthday from 3 different people (B, C, D). She wanted to return them for store credit. The original purchasers had multiple items on their invoices. Not all of the items were to be returned for store credit. I was told to change the name on the original invoice (B,C,D) to the receiver of the gifts (A) and then once I refunded to account the correct item, change the name back. (none of this is documented, on LSs Help Site) The first part works - kind of - but the second part does not. I ended up with four customers with the same name (A) so I had to merge them all under the original A. Next I tried to change the name back to B, C, and D so that the other items they purchased would be a sale under the correct name. That didn't work. Each time I tried to change the name of a specific invoice (not all of them, I just clicked on one invoice), LS took customer A's "credit on account" and attached it AND all of the other invoices to customer B, C or D depending on who I tried. There has got to be a better way to credit a gift from one customer to another customer's account.


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    Good luck with this one. I'll be watching. We had a very similar issue same problem.

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    Hey there,

    Due to the customer name being associated to the original sales, I understand the frustration in wanting to refund one item off of multiple invoices from various customers to the gift recipient.

    In this instance, I recommend creating a custom gift card number for the gift recipient and refunding each individual item to said card, accumulating the total to be used in the future within the store.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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