Add rental in lightspeed

ambiancesportsambiancesports Member Posts: 1


There is a way to add Rental option to lightspeed?

Or can we work with a lightspeed programmer to integrate rental .

Thank you


  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 50

    Sign me up for this as well.

  • cprice11cprice11 Member Posts: 5

    This would be great. Our current setup works, but is rather clunky and has the potential to throw things completely off.

  • gamenightgamesgamenightgames Member Posts: 4

    Same here! Here is how we currently do rentals:

    Each item is titled (RENT) <game> For a Day. Love It! Buy It!

    We put rentals on layaway, and add a deposit equal to the number of days the customer wants to keep it.

    When they return it we have two options:

    • To zero out the credit, we use a (RENT) Rental Return item and sell it for the same price as the deposit, then remove the layaway. This returns the rental back to inventory and zero'sout the balance.
    • We have an option where if the customer keeps a new copy, we apply that deposit towards the cost of the new item (and remove the layaway)
  • boviobovio Member Posts: 14

    The way we do rentals is via Workorders. It works pretty well for us.

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