Quantity in a Sale to include decimals

rufflifepetrufflifepet Member Posts: 2

I own a pet boutique/gear store and we sell treats by the ounce. Can you please make it possibloe to include numbers with decomals (e.g., 2.7 oz) and to calculate the amount accordingly? As of right now, the quantity only allows whole numbers and it is an inconvenience to either round up or down or to ask customers if we can add more to the weight of their purchase. On-Site had this capability. Uncertain as to why Retail does not. It's a no-brainer. Thank you.


  • WazWaz Member Posts: 1

    Totally agree. Same situation. Also like to be able to sell .5 of a product eg Half a packet of .....

    Also, surprised this option doesn't already exist. First POS program ever used which doesn't utilise decimals in qty

  • artandfiberartandfiber Member Posts: 1

    This is disappointing to discover. I recently switched over from Square (which has this feature) and assumed it would be possible as Lightspeed is an improvement over Square in almost every way.

    I sell fabric and we cut custom lengths. We also sell other items in bulk by weight making partial quantities a crucial feature needed to process many sales. Without this function, it's going to require instituting new policies about minimum quantities and increments...not fun for the customer and a headache for me on the record-keeping side of things.

  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 48

    Here too, we also break whole items and sell them as half items. Please give us this opportunity.

  • cwaliguracwaligura Member Posts: 5

    Same here - surprised this is not possible. Please add it.

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